• Jordane Salomez

    Jordane Salomez

    Sustainable Fashion Advisor | Founder of GET REAL🇫🇷

  • Rob Biederman

    Rob Biederman

    Co-Founder and CEO @HourlyNerd. Met fan. ESTP.

  • Jesse Atwell

    Jesse Atwell

    Music Management. Partner @ Triple 8 Management. Formerly at Sony Music and Hallmark Cards. Vegan. Read my blog at www.jesseatwell.com.

  • Marc Uthay

    Marc Uthay

  • Bastien Guerre

    Bastien Guerre

    Head of Venture Design at BigBlank (Startup Studio backed by Air France KLM Group) // Launching a new retail/DTC startup in 2020

  • Estelle Bina

    Estelle Bina

  • Bernard Challiol

    Bernard Challiol

  • Steve Dennis

    Steve Dennis

    Keynote speaker & strategic advisor on retail innovation. Top 10 retail influencer. Senior Forbes contributor. Best selling author of “Remarkable Retail.”

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